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Wutherich & Co. February 2022 Newsletter

Monthly Message

The Wutherich & Co. Composite was down 3.7% in February. This compares with the S&P/TSX being up 0.3%.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, Covid, inflation, interest rates and the supply chain continue to impact the market and the Wutherich & Company Portfolio. While the major US indices have performed similarly to the Wutherich & Company Portfolio, the S&P/TSX and various Canadian small cap benchmarks have performed much better. This is due to their heavy weightings in Energy and Gold stocks. We have relatively little exposure here. While we frequently look at companies in these sectors, we have no intention to run out and buy these stocks to chase performance.

Many of our companies have reported or pre-released their recent quarters. While there are certainly areas of weakness, overall, they are doing just fine. We firmly believe that most of our companies have strong and sustainable businesses and should continue to generate strong returns for years to come. Look at our long-term track record. A little patience has gone a long way to achieving good returns.

We would also like to send out a special Thank You! to those clients that made contributions during this year’s RRSP season.

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